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What a difference 6 months can make

What a difference 6 months can make

Six months ago I took my marriage for granted. We were busy planning for our coming life as parents to worry about us. What would the baby need? What would we need for the baby? Had I been at my job long enough to secure my role so maternity leave wouldn't hurt my...

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Whenever you want to talk, there’s always someone up in one of our Facebook communities. These private Facebook groups are a safe space for support and encouragement — or getting it off your chest.

All Caregivers

All caregivers are welcome here. This is our most active group and a great place for 24/7 support.

Young Caregivers

Young caregivers are often left out of the conversation. Here's a place for people under 35 to share their experiences and support each other.

Spousal Care

Here's the place to talk about what it's like to take care of your partner, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, ex, or anyone else you're in (or have been in) a romantic relationship with.

Caregiving Daughters

Women are seen as natural caregivers, to spouses, children, parents, and other family members.


Caring for seniors has unique challenges, especially when Alzheimer's and dementia are involved.

Caregiving Sons

Are you one of the millions of men providing caregiving support to friends, family, and clients? Join the conversation here.

Long-term Care

Some conditions are life-long, others are simply long lasting. Here's a place to talk about caregiving that lasts for years.

Caregiving Parents

Taking care of a child (or grandchild or client) with special needs, a disability, a chronic or acute illness? Here's the place for you to connect.

After Caregiving

Life goes on after caregiving ends. Some of us are here to grapple with grief. Others are celebrating recoveries. All of us are forever changed by the experience.

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Our online magazine has real advice from real caregivers. Want to feel understood? You'll find yourself reflected in stories from other caregivers.

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sleep better caregivers

Sleep is especially elusive for caregivers. Here's how to actually get some rest when you have a chance.

life after caregiving

Life goes on after caregiving ends. Here's how other caregiving alumni have returned to their old lives or built new ones.

community wisdom

Some of the best advice pops up in the forums, on social media, or in our support groups. We gather it here to make it easy to find.

nourishing the spirit

Caregiving is a spiritual experience for many, although it can also lead to spiritual neglect. Here's spiritual nourishment from any and all faith traditions.

nutrition for caregivers

We do our best to feed our patients healthy meals, but we may forget to feed ourselves. Here's how other caregivers do it.

notes from the problem child

This is what happens when the black sheep comes home to take care of his parents.

the kitchen widow

Tembi knew she'd lose her husband to his career as a chef. She didn't expect to lose him to cancer.

journaling for caregivers

Journaling is a rewarding reprieve for so many of us. Even when no one else cares, the page listens.

caregiver profiles

Go beyond the profile picture and get to know some of our community members.

phys ed for caregivers

Phys Ed, personal trainer to the stars, gives us tips on how to stay fit -- and safe -- while taking care of everyone else.

faith and grieving

Every religion looks at the dying and grieving process differently. We interview faith leaders to get their take.

because of annie

Bob took care of his wife as she battled cancer. Now he's fighting the battle himself.

navigating the healthcare system for alzheimer's caregivers

Dave and his team help caregivers in the US and Canada get the best care for someone you love who's been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

the mighty

One of our partner organizations, The Mighty shares positive stories about caregiving and living with a disability, disease, or mental illness.

faces of care

Show the world what caregiving is really like

Each of our lives is so different, but we have so many things in common, too. Tag your Instagram photos with #facesofcare to show the real people who are supporting so many others.

caregiver space community members
Thank you! For putting such great posts out there, for making my days and nights easier, for giving me the feeling of being connected to others who are in similar circumstances. Carmen Van Etten

Thank you for creating this has been an amazing place of ‘refuge’ for me. It helps so much to know that there are others going through some of the same things that we are..and also to realize, unfortunately that some have it even worse. It’s a wonderful thing to have the availability to access anytime on my PC or phone. Connie Jacobs

The group is awesome because the group understands what you are going through and how you feel. Roxanne Roberts