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Caregiving 101: Discussing a Change in Care


Wendy Marcus gives us tools to go into those difficult, dreaded discussions feeling much more prepared and confident.


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Fitness-- in no time.


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Caregiver Space

At The Caregiver Space, you'll find

- A community who understands
- A safe space to share
- Comfort and relief

Sharing honestly with other caregivers helps us let go of guilt, stress, anger and fear. Here, we are a community that knows just what you mean.

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The extreme stress of caregiving can take as much as 10 years off a family caregiver's life. Managing the stress is the only way through.

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This is your space to...

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Chat and connect with other caregivers who have been there before

Read caregiver stories and articles 

Relevant and thoughtful content to inspire, comfort and motivate

Share your story in a personal blog

Get your feelings and experiences down on the “page”

Get my Account is a free social network that allows caregivers to share their experiences, find critical resources, cope with stress and effectively combat the isolation and exhaustion of providing care for someone they love.

A safe haven for family caregivers and professional carers alike, The Caregiver Space offers 24/7 access for members to freely discuss respite care, caregiver burnout and all the difficult emotions and stressors that accompany ongoing support to a loved one.

What is a caregiver? A caregiver is someone caring for a sick spouse or friend. Others are family caregivers for children with special needs struggling with a specific condition like autism, cerebral palsy or Down syndrome. Still others are live in caregivers for an aging parent, many of whom are providing Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s care. The Caregiver Space has something to offer all of these caregivers. Our virtual community provides a non-judgemental niche to decompress and share experiences privately via our journaling tool, or through live chats and public forums with other caregivers.

We produce daily CareCards with shareable inspirational messages.  Our weekly blog provides vital information and tips from other caregivers just like you. Our growing Lifestyle section has exclusive written and video content curated just for caregivers, including: health and fitness, food and nutrition, organization, self-care and more. Our primary focus is to provide care for the caregiver.

Our online community offers exceptional support for those looking to avoid caregiver burnout.

Caregiving affects us all.  We at seek to support all caregivers with tools that will ensure sustainable self-care in the midst of providing care for others. 

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