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Patient advocate Dan Polk, left, provided support to client Stan Smith as Smith's son, Travis, awaited surgery at Boston Children's Hospital. (Courtesy of Stan and XuXia Smith)

Medical Advocates Can Help Guide Patients On Difficult Care Choices

Stan and XuXia Smith learned from an ultrasound midway through the pregnancy that their son would be born with an often-fatal congenital heart defect. In the first week of the baby’s ...

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coping with caregiving grief

Caregiver grief & loneliness

On 28 December 2015 I posted Grief: a silent killer. In the article I discussed caregiving, grief, stress and the role they play in our long term well being. After reading ...

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criticizing caregivers

Stop telling me to take care of myself.

Self care — it’s easier said than done. We’re always being told we should take better care of ourselves, but we rarely get the help we need to actually do ...