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a man sits on the ground in handcuffs with his hands hiding his face

The trauma of involuntary treatment

A police car, alternating red and blue lights parked behind me, blocked my car in perpendicularly and made it impossible for me to go anywhere. This officer was looking for ...

Caregiver's Stories

Personal narratives from caregivers

the perfect home helper for my elderly mom

The perfect caregiver

Let me tell you about a perfect caregiver I know.  Her name is Glenna and she looks after my Mom for a couple of hours on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Mom’s ...

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Grieving woman walking in field

10 Ways to help a person in grief

Each of us responds to loss and sadness differently, but here are a few Body Aware Grieving tips to consider while supporting a person who is in mourning. 1. It ...