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medicare subsidies for medication costs

Fewer Medicare-Subsidized Drug Plans Means Less Choice For Low-Income Seniors

Even though health problems forced Denise Scott to retire several years ago, she feels “very blessed” because her medicine is still relatively inexpensive and a subsidy for low-income Medicare beneficiaries ...

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are caregivers superheros?

Caregiver: A superhero with super powers or a myth

Some people are saying–if someone tells you to make sure you’re taking care of yourself one more time, you’re going to scream. Well, the fact is, newbie caregivers don’t always ...

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a grandmother and granddaughter laugh while reading a book together

Seize the opportunity: 6 Things to do with Nana and Papa

It’s more than simply a case of mind over matter: a senior citizen who is active and happy tends to have innumerable health advantages over one who is reclusive and ...