The Caregiver's Toolbox

Practical tips from real caregivers

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“But I am taking care of myself.”

Dozens of friends have said it. Strangers have even said it. “You have to take care of yourself,” they announce, as if I’ve never heard this advice before. I tell ...

Caregiver's Stories

Personal narratives from caregivers

the shadow of grief

Mr. Grief: my enemy, my friend

We hear and talk about grief, but it’s usually intellectually savvy, always complicated, doesn’t make much sense, and often difficult to understand. So I’ve decided to describe grief as a ...

For friends & family

Learn about caregiving and how you can help

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8 gifts for the caregiver in your life

It can be difficult to show your support, especially when you’re far away. Here are ways you can help your friends and family who are providing hands-on care and remind ...