support for family and professional caregivers

Not everyone has friends who understand or will even listen; that’s why we’re here. We provide a safe and open space—at no cost to you— where you can be real about what it’s like to care for someone dealing with a serious disability or illness.

You can use our community forums to ask questions, share experiences, get real answers, or just get things off your chest.  Please do not use this space as a substitute for professional advice from your lawyer or doctor.

No matter what stage you are in your caregiver journey—whether you currently care for someone, are about to, or did it in the past—you’re welcome here. This website is always accessible, so you can look forward to finding comfort and relief at any hour of the day or night.

This is your safe space, The Caregiver Space.

How we got started

As caregiver to her late husband Steve and mother-in-law, Sylvia, for six years, Adrienne felt extremely isolated. She wanted an online space caregivers could access from home for support and understanding.

In September 2012, shortly after losing her husband and mother-in-law to cancer, she founded the Caregiver Survival Network, now known as The Caregiver Space.

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Adrienne Gruberg


Adrienne Gruberg is a former family caregiver and founder of The Caregiver Space. After six years of caring for her late husband and mother-in-law she conceived of an online support space all caregivers could come to.

She founded AYA Creative in 1982, an award winning graphic design, marketing and advertising company. Her design training has helped shape the website and her personal and professional experience continues to inform and influence the caregiver centric support experience she has created at The Caregiver Space.

Adrienne holds a BFA from Boston University.

Cori Carl

Managing Director

Cori develops our comprehensive global communications and development strategy. She’s constantly tweaking our services based on data-driven marketing metrics and feedback from caregivers. She works to grow our community and build the reputation of The Caregiver Space by amplifying the message on social media, cultivating relationships with experts, creating organizational partnerships, and earning media coverage. She’s an active member of the community and regularly creates resources for Caregivers.

Cori joined The Caregiver Space after a decade of serving as a communications consultant for a number of nonprofit organizations and corporations furthering sustainable energy and urban planning solutions.


Fall 2016

Yuxin Ding, Hamilton College


Spring 2015


Fall 2014

  • Sarah Kim, Barnard College
  • Miriam Mohammad, Mercy College

Board of Directors

Leslie Novick Frank, CEO & Vice President

Leslie is a founder and partner of Frank & Stern, Inc., a marketing and merchandising development firm.

Fred B. Tarter, CFO & Vice President

Fred is a serial entrepreneur and media industry veteran.

Adrienne Gruberg, COO & President

Prior to founding The Caregiver Space, Adrienne founded AYA Creative, an award winning graphic design, marketing and advertising company.

Wayne Greenwald, Officer

Wayne is a practicing attorney.

Edward L. Siegel, Officer

Edward is co-founder and principal of Siegel and Uscott.

Tui Yu Chan, Treasurer

Tui is a former caregiver and has been a certified NY State public accountant since 1980.

Sheenah Hankin, Officer

Sheenah is an advocate for caregiver self-care and is the author of Complete Confidence.

Allie Axel, Secretary

Allie was the first employee of The Caregiver Space.

Jonah Okun, Officer

Jonah has a BA in Comparative Digital Communications and Happiness Studies from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Bonnie Auletta, Officer

Bonnie has over a decade of experience in the long-term care industry and is a certified Long Term Care planner.

Our Partners

Partner organizations provide in-kind support. View our donation page to see a complete list of those who’ve provided financial support.

Contact Us

The Caregiver Space is a peer support community. While we work with numerous experts, we do not have experts on staff to answer your questions.

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The Caregiver Space, 31 West 21st Street, Unit 4, New York, NY 10010

Terms & Conditions

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The Caregiver Space is a peer support community. The information on The Caregiver Space is for informational purposes only, and is not a substitute for legal advice, medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult your healthcare provider with any questions regarding medication or treatment.

The views expressed by authors, volunteers, and members of The Caregiver Space are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Caregiver Space. As a community that welcomes all forms of diversity, we encourage a multitude of voices and perspectives.