How to use the online chatroom


Use the Caregiver Chat to talk to other online members of the community and to participate in online support groups. You can join scheduled events in the Caregiver Chatroom as well as talk one-on-one with other members of The Caregiver Space that are online when you’re online.

Check the schedule for online support groups here.

You need to be logged into The Caregiver Space to chat.  Click on the “Community Chat” bar along  the far right side of any page to open the Chat options.


a moving image ~ shows how to access and navigate the chats

The “always on” Community Chat will looks like this:


Click through, and you’re well on your way



~~~~~~ other chat feature details ~~~~~~

Update your status

Whenever you’re logged into The Caregiver Space, you’ll automatically be logged into chat with an “online” status. You can change your chat status at any time by first opening the chat menu to see the chat options. Then, select the status you’d like to appear as


See who’s online

See who’s online at any time by opening the chat menu to see the chat options. Then, click on CHAT to expand the list of online community members


 Now you’ll see the list of community members that are currently online


One-on-one chat

You can start a one-on-one chat with anybody that’s currently logged into chat. First, follow the steps to find out who’s online now. Then, hover your mouse over the person you’d like to chat with to see the CHAT button for that person. Click on that CHAT button to open a chat window directly to that person


Now you’ll see a separate chat window. Click in the text field. Then, type your message. Finally, click the Enter button to send a chat to that person


 Logout of Chat

You can logout of chat without logging out of The Caregiver Space site. First, open the chat menu to see the chat options. Then, click Log Out


You may be asked to confirm the log out in a pop-up window. Click OK to be logged out of the chat feature


Caregiver Chatroom

The Caregiver Chatroom is where you can participate in scheduled support groups and events with other caregivers.

1. Click on the grey Caregiver Chatroom button to join the chatroom at the far right side of the page


2. This will open the chatroom window on the left side of the page. Click within the bottom text field. Then, type in your brief message. Finally, click the Enter button on your keyboard to join the chat



3. Click on the menu button at the top right to see the chat options. Here you can select the status you’d like to appear as to other members participating in the Caregiver Chatroom


4. Click on the X in the top right of the Caregiver Chatroom to exit the chatroom


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