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    This isn’t a new thread but it touches my heart.

    I can relate to all that was shared here. All i can offer is to try each day to see a beauty. Some beauty, anywhere. A flower, raindrops, a song, a cup of tea. This is what I have instead of lovemaking instead of humor instead of a partner who is present instead of so much.

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    I’m so tired.

    Tonight my husband and I are arguing. It’s late. Earlier he needed batteries for the remote. I opened a package I had in my backpack. 3 hours later I go to busy the remote. No batteries. He is stubbornly telling me I never gave him any batteries he’s angry at me. He is a proud man, Vietnam vet. 6 strokes, now legally…[Read more]

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    Hi Rachael, thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it…there’s plenty of spirit here in our home, we pray often. Our community has many many so called spiritual people. All of them fell flat on their face as far as coming through with any kind of support. Many of these people are priests. I’m disgusted and do not respect them any…[Read more]

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    Hauling ass and keeping it real, trying not to let it become me.

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  • Hello all, thank you for all that as shared and said.

    I wrote a long response but it disappeared and I’m too tired to retype it.

    Angela and Cynthia, I’m sorry to hear how lonely this has been. I feel you. Dave, thanks for the tips bt I’ve done all that. No one gives a cr@p.

    What Is this? I have lived in a other countries and never saw people…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the response.

    Yeah everyone’s been knowing. They’re just selfish.

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    Dear ruth,

    sorry to hear this and i can relate. My husband has hard several strokes, he is different, lacks empathy, not the same, concerned mainly with his own needs, all family and comminity have bailed years ago. No calls no anything. We just read, take walks, watch movies. Im grateful and blesswd he is still alive but feel alone am alone…[Read more]

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    Thank you all for what you have shared.

    I am so disgusted and angry. I try not to be. Everyone bailed, friends family. Im alone doing this 25 7.

    They fail to help, at all but can go on vacations, travel the world, move to gated community’s, buy new cars. They’re F’ed up. I have no respect for them and none of them will be called when the time…[Read more]

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    I can relate. Caring for my loved one who has had several strokes, xxxxbypass, copd.. feel often like i have heart issues, stroke stuff, cant see well. Its weird and awful I try and shake it off. Its hard.

  • A phone call or a card that says thank you. I see you. You have been doing this alone day and night. Here is 5 dollars, enjoy someone elses besides yourself making you a cup of coffee or tea.

    Anything good. Anything would be nice. Anything but being invisable and taken for granted by his entire family and community.I’m so disgusted.

  • Thank you each of you for sharing.

    I’m so tired and depressed all the time I have no good words to share except you are not alone. I hope today is a little easier for you. Later when my husband takes a nap I will have a few moments to just zone out. I will make a cup of tea and look at facebook or watch part of a movie. I am depressed but happy…[Read more]

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    Thank you Adrienne. Your words mean a lot to me. I Hope to join in on some chats. I’m just so overwhelmed. Thanks again. Thank you for creating this place for all of us.

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    Thank you to all that was shared here.

    I’m so tired and have no good response and don’t want to apologize for being a downer. This is so hard and I feel there is nothing i can do but suck it up if we have asked over and over for help and no one responds. This has changed my life. I am so exhausted. People are so weak, shallow and selfish.