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    Bob Harrison

    It’s not only important, but imperative that we find ways to distract ourselves in an effort to break the cycle of grief, if only for a short while. During that small break from grief the body will start to heal. Yes it will be a vicious circle, and you will go round and round on the merry-go-round for quite possibly a long time, but after spending three long years in grief, and experiencing healing in the fourth, I know what needs to be done. I only wish I had of known back then. My grief would have been easier, not as complex, and I would have been able to kick that squatter out much sooner, that was camping out in my head.

    I suffered terribly from grief because I didn’t have the tools and lacked the understanding to help myself heal. I was relentless in facing my worst fears and nightmares head on, on a daily basis in an effort to heal. My theory was, what hurts you the most, will in the end be what heals you. And as I’ve said before, it take’s grief to heal grief. And that’s all true, but I should have been taking a break from my grief through creative distractions, giving my body a chance to start healing. Instead, I chose hand to hand combat with the beast on a daily basis, which is not a good idea, and in my case did more harm than good. I stayed the course, but now know I should have taken some me time and allowed my body and soul to heal.

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    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for sharing that. They say it’s always impactful and educational to share your story to others because you never know if it can help someone going through the same thing. I believe it took courage and strength to come to acceptance with your demons and face it head on to resolve the problem.

    It is truly amazing when we decide not to live in denial that we begin to heal and change our lives for the better.

    Everyone, I hope Bob’s story has made you feel more safe and confident to speak out and to find what bothers you then finding ways of fixing it. It really helps when we realize that there are others out in the world just like us experiencing the same situations. It is no mistake that you are here today at the Caregiver Space. We are here to help! 🙂

    Give your comments about this topic if you can. I don’t mind listening.

    With love,


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