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    Elizabeth Gallagher

    Are you a caregiver for your spouse?

    We are interested in understanding the experience of being a spousal caregiver.
    This project includes an approximately one-hour interview.
    Participants will receive a $15 Target gift card!
    Please contact us if you are interested or for more information

    Elizabeth Gallagher
    Saint Anselm College

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    My wife has Huntington Disease. I have been her full time caregiver for 6 years. We have been married 26 years, she was diagnosed in 2009.

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    Rusty Short

    My husband was an ER physician and a very good one. I am a nurse practitioner in private practice. In Jan2006 he suffered a hemorrhagic stroke while driving his car home from a long shift. He was in a coma for two weeks and in the hospital and rehab for almost a year. I tried multiple rehabs inpatient, outpatient…got scammed into an inpatient rehab that claimed to be stroke rehab certified, and was absolutely not. Horrible experience. Took him out of there and brought him home after several horrifying experiences including an injury. Have been his caregiver at home since 2007. I have no help. I still work fulltime. It is very, very difficult. I could not do it if I weren’t self employed. He later had a BKA, a broken hip, and I could go on and on. It has robbed me of the last ten years of my life, but we have no family that can help so it is what it is.

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    Margie Atkins

    I have taken care of my husband for almost 4 years as the sole caregiver 24/7. He was in a construction accident and has TBI.

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    I’ve just begun my journey with my husband. 53 years old and diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Having just come away from getting my mom through the dreaded disease after several years of being at home (she’s now in a facility — has been for 5 years), (and my father, understanding what was happening with mom), I am now faced with it again — this time as the afflicted’s spouse. I have a very long road ahead of me.

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    Allan Ament

    My wife suffered an ischemic stroke in 2005 at a time we were both semi-retired and living in a new community. Our family were a minimum of 1000 miles away. While she came out of he stroke perhaps better than many — able to talk, non paralysed, capable of handling many of her daily activities, her lack zecutive functioning, balance and endurance, and other deficits meant she required 24/7 care after her return home two months post-stroke. I have been her caregiver since. My experiences during he first three years were the subject of my published memoir, Learning to Float. We had bee married for 17 years Whalen the stroke occurred and had been in-residence care giver for my wife’s aunt for 2 1/2 years before her death, at age 91, she 3 months earlier. While I am often comfortable with, or at resigned to, our “new normal,” this was not how either of us thought we would be spending these years.

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    Dave Nassaney

    I am a caregiver to my wife, Charlene,for 21 years now from a stroke, she lost her speech and has right side paralysis. I wrote 3 books, I have a blog, a radio show and a website to help other caregivers to avoid burnout and survive the grief process. I will be speaking at Harvard in July this year.

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    Dave Nassaney

    I am 63, She is 73, We have been married for 42 years

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