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Under 36? Introduce yourself here

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    Cori Carl

    People don’t expect young people to be caregivers, but so many of us are.

    So many of my friends are caring for their siblings, parents, grandparents, and spouses. Who hasn’t taken care of a friend when their family wasn’t around or wasn’t the right person to provide the support they needed?

    I took care of my great uncle, then my grandmother, now my other grandmother, and sometimes my wife.

    What’s your caregiving story?

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    I am actually 37, is that ok?

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    Never expected to be my Mom’s caregiver. She’s 76 and diagnosed with Dementia after my Dad died 16 years ago.

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    Allison Powell

    @victoria, I think 37 is just fine. Welcome.

    I feel less and less like a caregiver these days, but my husband was seriously injured in the military and I was his caregiver for a couple years. He’s recovered and we’ve learned to adapt, so it feels less like he’s disabled and more like our lives are just different now. I’ve been back at work for a long time now and he might return to the workforce, which would be awesome.

    My parents are back in PA (I’m in FL) and my dad has lung cancer. My grandmother has ALZ. My aunt is doing chemo for breast cancer. It’s both easier and harder to have them far away from me. Now that my husband is doing better, I have an easier time using my vacation days to go see them.

    If and when things ever quiet down, I’d love to travel! I spend so much of my free time at work looking at travel blogs. One day…

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    Olumide Awoseyi

    I am Olumide, from Nigeria. I have been my Father caregiver since he was diagnosed 5years ago.

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    Annie Swingen

    I’m 38 (shhh, i’m still young, right? RIGHT?), communications professional, mother to a 6.5 year-old and primary caregiver for my 59 year-old-mama who suffers from secondary progressive MS as well as a schizoaffective disorder diagnosis. It’s super awesome. Well, sometimes it’s awesome.

    I’ve served as her long-distance caregiver from 2005-2009 and have shared a city (Chicago) since then. While she lives in assisted living it’s a lot of work to maintain her meds, doctor visits, calls to the police (I KNOW) and my own little family. I also took care of her in high school but was probably a jerky teenager back then so I don’t want to think about it.

    We’re making it work most of the time and I am inspired by all of the folks’ stories I’ve read so far.

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    Hello everyone! I’m 33 and from Northern California. I’ve been the primary caregiver to my disabled sister for 11 years.

    I definitely feel alone in my journey. No one understands what it’s like to be a full time caregiver and to try to have a social life. How do you all manage? I’m finding it hard to date and keep relationships.

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