It’s our pleasure to introduce and formally welcome Susan Bratton, CEO and founder of Meals to Heal, a healthy meal delivery service designed for cancer patients and caregivers alike. Through our joint partnership you can now look forward to a host of new content aimed at educating you, the caregiver about nutrition, healthy eating practices and more.

Ms. Bratton began Meals to Heal after she was affected by a dear friend who was diagnosed with cancer. She saw what he went through and through her own research and observations, came to realize how the stresses that disease brings to both the patient and the caregiver, often distract us from focusing on the healthy diet we all need to sustain us through challenging times. Without proper nutrition she discovered, significant weight loss or weight gain, weakened immune system and depression often follow suit.

Meals to Heal has been Ms. Bratton’s proactive effort to lighten the load of patients and caregivers who don’t have the time or energy by providing education and nutritionally balanced fresh meals delivered across the country, right to their doors. I encourage those who relate and wrestle with consistently putting nutritious meals on the table to explore Meals to Heal as a service to support your own health and free up time and energy so you can focus on the other important parts of your life.

At The Caregiver Space, you can now look forward to nutrition focused articles each month, and an upcoming webinar led by an oncology nurse to discuss in length: healthy diet and self-care practices with plenty of time to answer your questions too.

Stay tuned for more great things from this new partnership with Meals to Heal!