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  • I’ve been watching our Facebook page get taken over by a bunch of school yard bullies over the past few months. It’s a pretty confusing thing to see for a support group.

    Living in Florida, I’ve gotten an up c […]

  • Here’s a tough situation quite a few caregivers find themselves in: being responsible for selling a home that’s not in great shape. What do you do when no one seems interested in buying and you can’t afford to […]

  • @Victoria, I think 37 is just fine. Welcome.

    I feel less and less like a caregiver these days, but my husband was seriously injured in the military and I was his caregiver for a couple years. He’s recovered and we’ve learned to adapt, so it feels less like he’s disabled and more like our lives are just different now. I’ve been back at work for a…[Read more]

  • Getting to sleep when you’re dealing with the stress and anxiety of caregiving — and anticipating your next interruption — is no easy feat.

    Luckily, there are podcasts to help you slip back into slumber. Here […]

  • When disabilities or memory impairment make going out more difficult, seniors can feel like they’re not able to do the things they love anymore. Going online can help them stay social, learn new things, and have […]

  • It’s a pretty common problem: the person you’re caring for is refusing to bathe.

    Here’s advice from other caregivers on how to keep everyone clean, safe, and happy.

    What’s normal to them
    We have to remember […]

  • It’s a really exciting time to be in the US. The fact that the current healthcare system is being dismantled means that we have the opportunity to fix the most vexing problems.

    I didn’t grow up in a military […]

  • It’s astounding how many adults are chronically dehydrated.

    Drinking enough water helps your body work better and helps you feel better. It helps your metabolism work better and improves your […]

  • The caregiving community is incredibly diverse, but it seems we can agree that dementia caregivers — both family and professional caregivers — should be trained. Dementia caregiving is a world where the ‘normal’ […]

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  • Feeling frustrated?
    Believe it or not, today is Moment of Frustration Scream Day. The idea is to go outside at noon and yell it out of your system.

    I didn’t make it up, but Tom and Ruth Roy did. They’ve […]

  • The ability to work from home makes so many of our lives easier. Of course, easier isn’t the same as easy.
    7. Set hours
    One of the benefits of working from home is being able to have flexible hours. It’s great […]

  • It can be hard to have empathy for other people when you feel so drained, but it really breaks my heart to see caregivers tearing each other down.
    On an article about raising funds for medical care: “I also agree […]

    • Very true. Being and only child with literally no help. Outreached to numerous agencies. No dollars, no help…too many seniors in area needing help and very defiant parents, I outreached because I’m truly at breaking point. While some were nice, others posted that I should be grateful, or not selfish. Some very hurtful posts. I realize and understand, but tearing people down us why people are afraid to outreach. Made me think of actor Robin Williams. Not the same situation but was he afraid to outreach that he was at a breaking point because he was a comic expected to be on his game 24/7? Maybe if he did tragedy would not have happened . Seen a lot of tear downs on here and it makes things even worse.

    • I recently thought on times in my life where some little thing, like not getting picked for the team, was a 10/10 on the disaster scale. Or the moment when I spill the wet coffee grounds, for a split second it is a 10/10 upset. And so it is self defined upset as we have HUGE issues in caregiving.

      A typical starter happening that drags one into being a possible caregiver, even having to consider it, is when mom or dad…or your spouse’s parents…start to show memory loss…get disoriented driving AND cannot seem to balance checkbook AND forget the name of their doctor… AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!!? Means one might have to drop by every few weeks to see if they are okay, hoping they are cause if they aren’t…then…that means…well, making the decision we all had to make, chose to make…to become a hands on caregiver.

      Ah, well that was a 10/10 for me too…the tragedy of my life leaving the incredible life I had created for myself, literally sorting through boxes and packing on my front porch…in the middle of a raging sleetstorm… …listening to Schubert’s last piano sonata (B-flat) one on the thousand mile drive south…sobbing my eyes out. Little did I know about the huge issues I would face, the crimes, the sabotages, the backstabbings, the cruelties… 10- 10- 10- 10-…and these did not even involve Mom’s dementia and problems… And the 10 upset of whatever behavior…I would later give anything to return to. Her being able to say a sentence. any sentence… 13 years of caregiving…financial disaster, teeth rotted out.

      I guess it is easy to take pot shots… seeing someone share how awful it is that grandpa pooped in his pants while eating at a restaurant… We can all certainly top that in this disaster derby of caregiving… There will always be someone who “has it easy…you have NO idea”…and those who have it harder than we can ever imagine…

  • When you’re taking care of someone it can seem impossible to find time to eat, sleep, and bathe — nevermind look for love. It isn’t easy, but there are other caregivers out there who are going on dates and […]

    • I not only dated as a caregiver. I got married and my handicapped son lives with us! It takes a very special person to marry a caregiver!

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