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    I hope I find new friends in here that can relate to caring for their spouse. I have been caring for my husband through 3 years of colon cancer, and I’d love to pretend I have been perfect throughout, but I hope I find a place to connect with others where it’s okay not to be the perfect wife, mother, family provider, etc all the time. I have reached a point that I most often just ‘go along to get along’ because even the slightest disagreement makes me feel guilty. I am now finding that this attitude in me is not good for ANY of us – it leaves me often hurt or silently angry, and it often sends mixed messages regarding expectations to our children, the results are manifesting in their teen years. I just need to vent sometimes, without feeling judged about it, to help me cope with the guilt, as I work on making sure my actions are thoughtful for ALL of us, and not just my husband. Help?!?