1. “My mom diapered my butt, it’s the least I can do.” — Beth Crandall

  2. “As Elton John said, ‘it’s the circle of life.'”– Rob Adams

  3. “Maybe Grandma will leave me more in the will…? (I’m kidding.)” — Jen Houtz

  4. “I see this as payback for that ‘poo painting’ phase I had when I was two.” — Will Thompson

  5. “I don’t want to get calls about my mamita slapping innocent strangers over the head. At least I’m already used to it.” — Charlotte Sedillo

  6. “Dad held my hair during the stomach flu despite his horrible gag reflex. I’m sure I can handle a sponge bath.” — Rick Franklin

  7. “I certainly didn’t dress myself or change my own diaper when I was little.” — Joyce Mitton

  8. “I peed my grandpa’s bed every summer I visited from about three until six. I think it’s safe to say I owe him some bed changes.” — Daniel Pulliam

  9. “Letting your dad dress himself in gloves and a scarf in the middle of summer seems more fun if done in our own home.” — Linda Bauman

  10. “Because my love is also unconditional.” — Evelyn Grimm


GIF Source: giphy.com