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But I meant well!

But I meant well!

One of the things I hear all the time is that people's friends and family just don't understand what they're going through as a caregiver. I also am told all the time how "only another caregiver can understand." The sad fact is, a lot of other caregivers don't...

Humor, Hope and the Caregiving Experience

Humor, Hope and the Caregiving Experience

As a health care provider and a person who has taken care of not one but two partners with cancer who passed away from their illness, the movie Patch Adams scares me. I don't want to run into that guy and his big huge clown nose and his clown shoes and the bike horn...

A ‘Safety Net’ That’s a Kafkaesque Mess

A ‘Safety Net’ That’s a Kafkaesque Mess

Supplemental Security Income — a cash assistance program whose beneficiaries also get Medicaid coverage — sharply limits the income and assets of those who receive it. Today, over eight million people receive S.S.I. benefits (not to be confused with Social Security...

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Longreads for care work

There’s a common refrain: “No one talks about caregiving!”

The thing is, everyone is talking about caregiving. They just don’t use the term “caregiving.” They talk about cancer, dementia, MS, cerebral palsy, and the frailty that sometimes accompanies aging.

They talk about being overwhelmed, stressed out, burnt out, and pulled in a dozen directions at once.

Does it matter if you identify as a caregiver or not? Not really, but the mismatch in terminology makes it harder to find support.


The Caregiver Space curates stories about care work (in written text, podcasts, videos, visual art, and any other medium) and practical resources for caregiving to make them easier to find, no matter how the creators and you identify.

If you’d like to submit a work or resource that we should know about, please let us know in our contact form.

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Our articles are written by other people providing care. We’re sharing our personal experiences: what worked, what didn’t, how we feel, and what happened.

Every situation is unique, so the advice we share may not always be relevant to you.

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There are some very good caregiver groups on Facebook but this is the group that has the most interaction and seems to be a cohesive type of circle with unbelievable support and resources. So glad I found it.
Ashley Tenczar Curran

So many insightful stories from from people like me learning the real face of being a caregiver.
Bain Finch

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