Smoothies are the perfect drinks to make as the weather gets warm. They are quick and easy to prepare and so healthy! Oh, yeah, I can’t forget to mention how delicious smoothies are. Keep that blender handy!


Strawberry Mango Spring Smoothie 

This smoothie is made in no time. Be sure to have coconut milk, a banana, a mango, and strawberries.


Image credit: Rodale’s Organic Life 

Honeydew- Kiwifruit Smoothie 

This delicious kiwi smoothie is made with honeydew, an apple sugar, and lemon juice. Be free to add ice cubes.


Image credit: Fitness Magazine 

Peanut Butter & Banana Smoothie

Peanut butter and bananas taste fantastic together. All you need is skim milk or soy milk, and a banana.


Image credit: Fitness Magazine 

Apricot Smoothie

This is something different! You need soy milk, canned apricot, orange juice, nuts, and toasted wheat.


Image credit: Fitness Magazine 

 All -Around Smoothie 

This all around smoothie is so healthy! It is made with milk, yogurt, honey, banana, protein supplement, strawberries, and flax seeds.

all around

Image credit: All Recipe 

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