Many people have never seen a relationship like ours before, where one individual lives with a physical disability and the other does not. Our goal in sharing our lives with the world is to help normalize interabled relationships, to show people that our love is just as exciting, fulfilling and real as any other.

[Y]ou’d be shocked by how often strangers assume that Hannah is my nurse, my mom, my sister or my babysitter. Because of the widespread and deeply-ingrained misconceptions about disability, people tend to see me as a child, or as someone who could not possibly be involved in a romantic relationship.

Hannah helps me with all of my activities of daily living, like getting dressed, using the bathroom and taking a shower. Some interabled couples choose to employ a paid caregiver, but right now, my care is minimal enough that it’s not putting a strain on Hannah. In fact, those caregiving activities are a time when we connect and discuss our days.

We both perform equal physical and emotional duties to support each other.

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