Barbra Hendricks

Barbra and her son, Brent, talk about losing Brent’s sister, Tiffany, to Cystic Fibrosis and what it’s like to live with the disorder.


Ruth Coker Burks

Ruth became family when the AIDS epidemic hit Arkansas and patients were abandoned by their blood families.


Anthony Villarreal

Anthony and his wife, Jessica, talk about how the injuries he sustained while deployed in Afghanistan have changed their lives.


Herman Travis

Herman ensures that his elderly neighbors get the groceries they need.

maurice and miguel

Maurice Rowland & Miguel Alvarez

Maurice and Miguel were working at an assisted living home when the staff stopped getting paid, so everyone else left. They stayed with the abandoned residents for three days, until they knew the residents would be properly taken care of.


Bonnie Brown

Myra interviews her mom, who has intellectual disabilities.


Jon Meadows

Jon speaks with his wife, Melissa, about the TBI and PTSD he’s had since he served in Iraq and Afghanistan.