It’s now 3 AM and your elderly one wakes you up for the third or fourth time that night asking for help getting to the bathroom. With no desire or patience left, you tiredly wake up and assist him or her. Since this has occurred every single night of the week, you start to question if this is something you can deal with any longer.

Health conditions are the main causes why seniors frequently get up during the night. This scenario is very common; and often times it’s the weary spouse, adult son or daughter who has accepted the caregiving burden.

Caregiving is not thought to be an easy task, in fact it’s a very challenging responsibility, and requires a lot of patience and tolerance.

But don’t you worry; there are several ways for family caregivers to make overnight caregiving easier, how? Here are 7 tips to making overnight caregiving easier:

Consider Overnight Adult Pull-Ups or Diapers

So you’re not getting any sleep each night because your elderly keeps you up all night, solution? Overnight diapers. They will make you and your senior’s life a whole lot easier.

Because of its absorbency, overnight diapers are meant for extended time use. Typically (depending on the brand) the diaper has a top layer that absorbs the urine from the skin, leaving a dry feel on the diaper surface, which prevents any skin infections and rashes.

Don’t Forego Sleep

If you’re sleep continuously is interrupted each night because of your elderly, figure out other ways to get a good sleep. Some examples include napping when the person you’re caring does, or ask another family member or friend to come over for just a few hours while you nap. We all need to sleep in order to function throughout the day, so don’t neglect it!

Have Patience

This is a hard one, clearly. It takes a lot of patience when it comes to caregiving. There may be plenty of times where you get frustrated or annoyed and want to just give up. But through the frustration, take a deep breath and address the situation once you calm down.

Some ways to stay relaxed is taking some time to yourself, while you’re not caring for your elderly. Try a yoga class or join a support group. Support groups can really help hash out your frustrations as you can connect and relate to others in the caregiving communities who have similar experiences. They can also give you guidance, tips and support.

Don’t Suffer in Silence

Most caregivers also have full time positions in addition to caretaking their loved ones. If you ever feel like you’re taking on more than you can manage, let your other family members or even close friends know. Asking for help is never a bad thing; if you ask them nicely and calmly, they might lend you a helping hand.

Always speak up because no one has the capabilities to read your mind or even realize you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Always Make Time for Yourself

Caregiving can be very time-consuming, but it shouldn’t take over your life, as you need time for yourself too! Make time to see your friends or do an activity that you enjoy. Giving time to yourself will not only be good for you but will keep your insanity in check.

Talk to the Doctor

If you’re elderly ones are constantly waking up in the middle of night due to conditions such as insomnia or chronic pain, have a chat with their doctor. A medical professional may be able to pinpoint the causes of these conditions and prescribe medication or make specific suggestions for the problems.

Create a Safe Environment

With serious conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, seniors may have a number of triggers that could occur any time during the night.

To avoid any bad situation from happening, you should consider removing all dangerous objects like scissors or knives out of site. To prevent any falls, try placing night lights or low-level lighting around the room to create safe walking paths. Or if you really want to keep them in check, consider getting a baby monitor in order to hear a senior moving around at night.
Don’t let the obstacles and challenges of overnight caregiving take over your life. Take these tips into consideration and you will conquer the overnight caregiving duties like a champ. Just always remember to breathe in and out and relax.

About Graciela Jones

Graciela Jones is a former family caregiver. She also is a professional blogger concentrating on topics of caregiving. Aside from her caregiving passion, Graciela also enjoys volunteering, donating and hosting community events.