Mad rush back to town from the Island. Ferry ride was heaven. Gorgeous day so far. Seems every day’s been great in the morning and turns way gray by three or so. Had to do “The Caregiver’s Caregiver” on Blab Talk today with Dave Nassaney at 3:00 EST, so I’m glad we didn’t hit traffic.

Interesting gal on the show today, Tena Scallan, The Ultimate Caregiving Expert. She’s an eldercare expert. Had a small agency for a while, I think, but with state regulations changing constantly and paperwork piling up, it was too much for her. Personal caregiving to her parents began to need more attention too, so she figured best thing to do was write a book. She’s pretty knowledgeable and the book is pretty thick! Hoping to get her to write for the site. Wrote her after the show—waiting to hear back.