Schutt spent four years as her mom’s primary caregiver, writing songs about the dark and the light of her mother’s journey from diagnosis to death of ovarian cancer. Kate wants us all to know how to show up for our grieving friends so they don’t feel alone with their loss.

Working with legendary producer/arranger Rob Mounsey, Kate just finished a new album, entitled Bright Nowhere. It’s an achingly real collection of the songs about the new landscape of loss she found herself in. The music is melodic and memorable; the sound is that perfect combination of pop and jazz.

Known for her heartfelt, literary songwriting, Kate’s fans are drawn to her authenticity and vulnerability on and off the stage. Her songs have won top honors from the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and ASCAP. Kate studied the influence of jazz on poetry at Harvard, and studied jazz guitar at Berklee College of Music.