Are you beginning to workout and aren’t too sure where to start? In this episode, PhysEd states the importance of working out according to your lifestyle. For an example, if you work full-time, you may need to map out a time that is appropriate for you to exercise. In addition, PhysEd also noted how making an appointment with your fitness program is a key component for beginners. As a beginner, you should always stretch in order to avoid pulling any muscles. Lastly, you should always consult with you medical doctor to decide what exercise is suitable for you. Practice each and everyday!

About Edward Jackowski

In 1985, Edward Jackowski founded Exude Fitness and changed the way we look at exercise. To date, Edward is the author of seven books on general fitness, motivation, weight loss and golf and has helped create, direct and produce 10 fitness videos/DVD’s and motivational CD’s.