Not the best day—not the worst thought—for sure.

Had a good meeting with Cori and Paul. We’re making progress.

Had my follow-up appointment with the pulmonologist up at Mt. Sinai after taking all the tests earlier in the year. The tests didn’t show anything new, but since I’ve had the problems with my digestion and went through all those tests too, there seems to be something going on.

Steve always hated my clearing my throat. He thought it was just a nervous cough or something. But the doctors agree that it’s reflux and I’m on Prilosec and Zantac to help stop it. Doesn’t seem to work though. I’ve been experiencing a new kind of discomfort and the time has finally come…I am my mother’s daughter. I’ve known about “a small blotchy spot” of bronchiectasis on my lung, but what I’m describing to the lung doctor about my gut has him concerned that it’s time to start me on a Nebulizer. Maralyn sat like the caterpillar on a toadstool in “Alice in Wonderland” puffing her meds through the damned thing for over twenty years. She never really followed instructions and you couldn’t teach her anything. Stubborn. But she started it at 60. I’ve got 8 years on her there, and I’m healthier and more active. She needed to do the machine with meds and they’re starting me on saline solution. All in all, not too bad. Just more stuff to do at the beginning and the end of the day. First thing in the morning and before bed. It’s all about self-caregiving now.

I’ve just gotten used to eating breakfast as soon as I get up, and now I have to do the Nebulizer first. I talked to Eddie and told him what’s going on. Don’t want to hide anything from him. Wayne and I were too protected by our folks—and then they’d act as if we didn’t care. We didn’t know anything was wrong. They’d never tell us.

Anyway. Enough for today. Waiting for the machine and the saline to be delivered tomorrow.