Bonnie Danowski shares her experience caring for her husband, who has MS, for the past 42 years. Bonnie created this amazing video diary using MyCounterpane.

MyCounterpane is creating a living library of emotional moments, providing people with a sense of perspective, support, and hope. MyCounterpane’s first community is one for patients and caregivers with MS, but you don’t need to be affected by MS to join. You can sign up here.

About Cori Carl

As Director, Cori develops our comprehensive global communications and development strategy. She’s constantly tweaking our services based on data-driven marketing metrics and feedback from caregivers. She works to grow our community and build the reputation of The Caregiver Space by amplifying the message on social media, cultivating relationships with experts, creating organizational partnerships, and earning media coverage. She’s an active member of the community and regularly creates resources for Caregivers.

Cori joined The Caregiver Space after a decade of serving as a communications consultant for a number of nonprofit organizations and corporations furthering sustainable energy and urban planning solutions.

Cori has an MA in Corporate Communications from Baruch College at CUNY and a BA in Media Studies from Eugene Lang College at the New School University. She divides her time between Brooklyn and Toronto.