You told us about the conversations you dreaded having with your loved one– and we found someone to help you have them. Wendy Marcus gives us tools to go into those difficult, dreaded discussions feeling much more prepared and confident.

In the video above, you’ll learn seven caregiving strategies to help you have those difficult conversations with your loved one.


IWendy Marcus, Caregiving 101: Discussing a Change in Your Loved One's Caret’s our pleasure to introduce Wendy Marcus, MS, MSW, LCSW as a new member to The Caregiver Space’s support team. Wendy has 26 years of experience working in the behavioral and medical health field. Check out her most recent video, Caregiving 101: Discussing A Change in Your Loved One’s Care.

Her expertise and familiarity with the caregiver community hit close to home serving as a former caregiver herself. Ms. Marcus has worked in both inpatient hospital and outpatient settings, working with patients and families. Her focus throughout her career has varied, spanned nursing homes, care and disability management. Her expertise lies in chronic health problems,including both physical and behavioral health conditions.

Ms. Marcus holds a strong belief that it’s “not what the disease or condition has done to you, but rather what you bring to the problem—attitude is key.” Her thoughtful listening and guidance is a cornerstone to the quality support she provides. For the caregiver who’s knee-deep and overwhelmed, trying to “keep it together” or go-it-alone, here’s a place to find solace.


Wendy Marcus, LCSW
Clinical Case Management Consulting