Do you have a social network?

Sure, as we get older some friendships naturally fade away as our priorities shift and who we are changes. Caregiving really speeds up that process!

Combating loneliness

Reach out to friends you’ve lost touch with

We have tips for how to find time for friendship in a schedule we know is already packed.

Connect with people in your community

Feel like you don’t have a community? Rick Lauber will help you think of all the people who are there to support you.

Set boundaries

Some of us are hesitant to invite people over for fear that they’ll criticize what we do or take over our homes. By setting boundaries in your home regarding visiting and managing advice you didn’t ask for, you can enjoy the company of others without worrying about what they’ll say.

Start small

Many people are eager to help – or think they are, until you actually ask them! By asking for help in tiny pieces, you can get the help you need without scaring people off. You can even share our resources for friends and family of caregivers to help them get an idea of what to expect and how to help.

Join a support group

Joy found her participation in support groups to be incredibly helpful as she dealt with her father’s dementia.

Connect online

Many of us find it nearly impossible to get places on time or schedule ahead. We never know when there’ll be an emergency, or just a bad day. The community forums and chat on The Caregiver Space are here 24/7, 365 days a year, allowing caregivers from around the world to connect with other people who get it whenever we have time. If you can manage to log on at a specific time, we have moderated chats just about every day.

Write it out

There’s plenty of research out there to back the idea that journaling combats loneliness and depression. Getting it out on paper can also help us from sharing too much or being short tempered with our friends. The Page Listens is our place to share the best journaling techniques and inspiration.

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