Well, clearly wasn’t up to going to the island when I woke up this morning—glad I called my driver and told him I’d make it early tomorrow.

Was in bed all day yesterday. The migraines have gotten so much better. How can I complain—I used to get them every day, now it’s one every few months for a couple of days. But they still suck. Every joint hurts. My arms and legs get all tingly. So much sensitivity. But this one’s over. Done. Amen.

Being picked up at 10:00 a.m. I realized I had to get some posters made up fast for the Community Fund at the beach and about 150 flyers, so I ran down to Staples—almost at closing time—and need to have them by 9:30 a.m. Few more errands to run. Got to make up for lost time with headache.

Need to write for Kate and writing class next Thursday. She’ll need the work after the weekend in order to have time to read it. Why do I procrastinate with the same stuff over and over?

Dog was groomed this morning. She’s soooo cute. Paul didn’t come into the office today, he worked from home and then went to see Mark.

Have to stay on Matt’s  case to get him to call Eddie about plants for The Orchard. It’s official. I had my first apple today. They said it couldn’t be done.

Watched parts of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Brazil is a poor country and they had to use committee funds creatively. They spent the money on a projection system—did some amazing stuff along with a choreographer from Cirque de Soleil. But the thing that overwhelmed me was the spirit of the place. Joy. Joy. Joy. I’ve heard all the stories about bare bodies on the beaches of Rio and there was no body shaming tonight. All shapes, sizes and colors of men and women Samba’d with a sheer abandon I could only imagine. It doesn’t take money to get carried away by the rhythm. I wish they could bottle that spirit for the tough times.

Eddie is going through his own drama in LA. Long distance relationship hand-holding can get very intense. He told me he may have to postpone his trip to NY a week or so; I told him how lucky he was that I was the understanding soul in his life. He’s there for me too. But, I’ve learned to know how and what to ask for and I’ve learned what to say and what not to say. I guess I’ve gained some wisdom along the way to now. I’ve got to say having a “boyfriend” after I cared for Steve is a pleasant surprise.