Only another caregiver can understand.

Caregiving doesn’t have to be so lonely.

There are millions of caregivers in the world, so why do we all feel so alone? Let’s change that right now.

The Caregiver Space isn’t a front for a pharmaceutical company, a healthcare conglomerate, or the government. We’re a bunch of caregivers from all walks of life, coming together to support each other.

We can be totally honest about our experiences because this is a judgement-free-zone. Our experiences are all different, but we get it.

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Life is pretty lonely being a caregiver, but I’m glad there’s this place to connect with people who are in similar situations.


Ed Rio

Thank you for helping me feel not alone in it for a moment.


Tanya Estrada

Very grateful for this page…just reading the stories of other who are in the same boat as me is sooo helpful…Thank you my fellow brave souls!!


Margaret Mulholland

This is an excellent page. I never imagined I would become a caregiver for my father 1 1/2 years ago. Thanks for all the support you provide.


Jessica Williams

I want to thank you, for all the support given through this group, there are times I felt like giving up and that no one understood the scope of caregiving, and the toll it takes on a person and a relationship, I am so grateful for your kindness and the support and understanding I get from reading posts on here and feeling like I am not alone after all.


Nora Ford

There are always good and bad days. I try to remain positive but I can get so frustrated sometimes. Then I always feel guilty after I get frustrated. I’m glad I found this page. The motivational quotes and articles always help.


Melanie Taylor

I just want to say thank you all for this group!!! Had a tough night last night… am off for a busy weekend at work…and the first place i went to this am was here, to read notes and posters and posts…just made me feel good, not alone, and put a smile on my face…



Sharon Jones

I would like to that you for having this page. I read a lot of the posts, and it has really helped me with the feelings and emotions that I was experiencing. I’ve learned that I’m not alone in how I felt, and how to better cope with how I’m feeling. Thank You


Eamon Murray