Community Guidelines

We’re a space that exists just for you!

In order to maintain a safe and caring community we have a few simple rules. There is light moderation since we rely on you to be respectful members of the community.

First & last: Be Respectful

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Remember there is another human being who is likely experiencing some pain on the other end of the computer. We are here to support each other, not make caregiving harder. You can make your point without being rude.

  • No flaming. It is unacceptable to call people names, threaten people, or impersonate someone else.
  • No trolling. It is unacceptable to post off-topic or controversial things simply to rile people up.
  • No spamming. Recommending a product or service when it’s relevant is a great help to the community. Randomly posting about your product or service is not.
  • Don’t share your own or anyone else’s personal information, online. Registered users have private messaging and chats, where you can connect with other members privately.  When posting about patients,  be aware of HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Federal legislation enacted in 1996, and in force since 2003) .  There are great resources for new caregivers on line, like the slide below or via the Government web postings.
  • While many of our community members speak languages other than English, this is a website in English. Please keep all comments in English so everyone can participate in the conversation.


Tell your story

Each caregiver community is for the people who are caring or who have cared for someone with that illness or condition. We want to know about you! Avoid lecturing or preaching by sticking to your experience.

We each have our own experiences

Your experiences may be dramatically different than someone else’s. We encourage you to share your experience without judging others. Please don’t be antagonistic or sarcastic to those whose experiences have been different than yours. No one came here to be lectured or told they’re wrong.

“My experience has been very different from yours. When that happened to me…”

Factual errors

If you believe someone has made a factual error, simply share the correct information, along with the source.

“I recently read an article on the topic that said…”

“When I asked my doctor the same thing, she told me…”

Spam & inappropriate posts

If you feel a post is inappropriate or are unsure if a post is spam, you can email us and let us know.

Be honest, be yourself

Honesty is one of our core values. There is a tangible relief that comes from vulnerability and honesty. What’s more, you’ll likely find others who feel the exact same way. Hearing “me too” after being honest and raw is a remarkable and powerful way to heal.

We each have our own opinions and beliefs

Please refrain from debating or arguing member opinions, beliefs, or values that don’t align with your own. You can always agree to disagree!

“I feel very differently about that – work is such a big part of my identity…”

Religion and spirituality are an important part of many caregivers’ lives. Please remember that this site is for everyone. If faith is a part of your life, we love for you to share that. However, this is not the space to find new converts or make people feel unwelcome for believing something different. It is entirely unacceptable to post anything that is hateful toward any religion or group of people.

“God is where I find my strength…”

Don’t be afraid to post

If you’re new to The Caregiver Space, writing your first post can be intimidating. Don’t be afraid to jump right into an existing discussion. We have a understanding and caring community here. While we hope that you’ll become an active participant and join in our discussions, you’re always welcome to silently participate until you feel more comfortable posting.

Assume goodwill

We’re all here to be part of a supportive community. If you’re not sure of what someone’s saying, ask them to explain.

“Joe, can you clarify? I’m not sure if you’re saying…”

Keep posts clean

Please do not post obscenity or vulgar language, or describe explicit sex acts. Our standards are more flexible in the vent space and in our sex and intimacy forum, since those are places for candid expression. However, like obscenity in general, we all know it when we see it.

Reach out if you feel alone or suicidal

If you are having suicidal thoughts please do not try to handle them alone. Please feel free to talk about depression and let our community here encourage you and help you discover solutions to problems. We ask that you do not post in the discussion boards or the journal about suicide, as it can be triggering to readers. Our community is not an appropriate place to post that you want to die or for discussing suicidal thoughts, hurting others or hurting yourself.

If you see a post expressing a suicide ideation, please urge the poster to get professional help.

If you are thinking of hurting yourself or others please call or visit Befrienders Worldwide, which maintains helplines in over 40 countries.

If there is an emergency, immediately call 911, or call a hospital, local police, or contact a professional counselor immediately.



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