Are your family members leaving you alone to manage your parents’ healthcare needs?

How have you responded to it? Have you tried to get them to become more involved? Have you accepted the situation or are you boiling inside?

Share your response in the comments below.

I want to ensure the highest quality of life for my mother, while she is living, and to the best of my ability. I know some day I will be able to say I gave her my all!!! That will give me peace for the rest of my life. That’s a blessing. That’s my choice. Some people make other choices. – Lauren C.A.

I was in this situation and had a multitude of feelings incl. anger, frustration, hurt, jealousy, envy, despair and all the other ugly feelings you can feel when the focus was on self. I believe that God equipped me to handle taking care of both my parents until they passed. He did not equip my siblings. They did what they could. The brunt was on me. I finally gave up and realized that I was being blessed not burdened. Once I gave into the role that God called me into there was more peace, love, compassion and kindness in my heart. It enabled me to be a better daughter and caregiver. – Gail H.

If they can live with their decisions, I can and do live without them. – Cynthia M.

I just give my Gram the care that she needs, and I don’t spend any of my time worrying or wondering over those who don’t help. – Pamela M.

I talked to a counselor several times to learn how to release the anger I felt for my brother who didn’t help. – Gail Z. R.

In life we should never expect others to “step up to the plate.” We can only control our own actions. – Pamela K.

I told my husband’s siblings if they didn’t like how I was taking care of their mom I would have her packed and to their in a half hour, are you ready? – Judy R.


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