Plenty of us are happy to see Obamacare go. It was too expensive, too confusing, and forced us to find new doctors.

You have a new chance to build something great. To save lives and help Americans secure their futures. Far too many people go bankrupt for their health.

Here’s what I’d like Trumpcare to include:

Insurance covered in-home care

How many of us have put careers on hold — or ended them early — because we can’t afford to pay out of pocket for home health aides? How many of us are forced to put loved ones in nursing homes because we can’t get the support we need to keep them at home?

Let’s change that. Help us keep caregivers at work and keep our loved ones at home.

Lower monthly premiums

The Affordable Care Act was not affordable for most of us! We need realistic health insurance costs — ones that actually reduce the amount we’re paying.

Lower copays and medication costs

American medication costs are higher than most of the world — are we subsidizing people in other countries? We need you to defend and protect Americans by making sure we pay for quality medications — not lining the pockets of conglomerates.

More tax credits for caregivers

We get refundable tax credits for childcare, why not eldercare?

Family caregivers should be able to deduct expenses like a business. Why aren’t more medical expenses deductible?

Respite care

Employees get two weeks of paid vacation a year. Family caregivers don’t. Family caregivers are “on call” 24/7 — that’s a recipe for disaster. Everyone wins when we support family caregivers. Family caregivers are saving insurance companies and the government billions of dollars on nursing home care — we deserve two weeks off a year.

Social Security credits

I’m working hard every day as a caregiver. It’s insulting to think I’ll be denied Social Security benefits later. I’m working for the insurance companies — saving them from having to pay professionals for the care I’m providing. Shouldn’t they be paying to support my future?

Make programs nation wide

The help I get access to in one state is completely different from another state — or county, or town! Trying to make sense of it all is maddening. We need a single, nationwide system of caregiver support. Let me spend time taking care of my loved one, not wasting time with paperwork.

Samantha K. Thompson

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