Terrified residents, families and staff of the Queens Adult Care Center have watched helplessly as COVID-19 runs rampant. They say management lied about the extent of its spread. Here’s how one daughter rescued her sick dad.

Natasha Roland wanted to report what happened to her father at the Queens Adult Care Center, a home for some 350 low-income elderly and mentally ill adults that I’d described as an epidemiologist’s nightmare in a story the previous week.

“They had been telling me since March that they didn’t have any virus cases,” Roland said, her words quickening. “They were telling me that my father was OK. When I went there to get my dad, he hadn’t eaten in a week. My dad was dying. He couldn’t move.”

Then her voice caught, sobs overcame her, and I felt a pang of panic myself.

“They were not giving him his medication. My dad is now at Presbyterian hospital. He tested positive for coronavirus,” she said. “He is 82 years old. He is a diabetic. He has lung disease.”

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