Yes, help has finally come to me for my husband, Mike. After a recent visit to Mike’s primary care physician, and, telling him that I feel Mike was in desperate need of therapy, the doctor told me that there was help available to us. He then told me that he was going to notify the home health care company associated with his practice. Mike would be receiving physical, speech, occupational, and cognitive therapy and would be getting a new walker after having two falls with the old one that keeps getting caught on things as he walks over them. We are also suppose to be getting help from a social worker as well to start planning for the future. A nurse also comes in now to take care of Mike’s pressure sores that he has developed on his bottom.

I can’t even begin to tell everyone how it feels to have some of the weight lifted off my shoulders. I am hoping for the social worker to provide some help as far as temporary relief for me, as, I still have no one to help me in that department.

I get more support from friends and people who don’t even know me than anyone that should care.

As like many of you caregivers out there, I am doing this all by myself. No help from anyone.    I am sure that is nothing new for any of you out there to hear. I get more support from friends and people who don’t even know me than anyone that should care. Family? They are always too busy, not around; live to far away; don’t have the time; or “Gee, wish we lived closer so we could help”. Yes, I know that feeling. I have heard it all.

I have gotten to the point where I would rather do it myself anyway; then, I know it’s been done right; and, if something goes wrong, well there is no one to blame but yourself.

I have also encountered  the ever annoying answer when you try to tell the persons that are trying to help, “you don’t need to tell me, I know what to do with him”. I love that one especially when they don’t know a thing about what goes on with the patient at all. They don’t’ spend everyday with him; know his habits; his schedule; the certain way things need to be done with the patient.

Am I angry about a lot of these things? You bet. Because no one takes the time to educate themselves about the problem; talk to you, the “one”, who has been through it all with the patient.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with all of you out there. I know at times it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel, but, there is. I have been dealing with this on my own now for over 7 years, and, have had so many breakdowns and feelings of dread of no hope at all for this life which no one has asked for; crying myself to sleep at night; yelling at my husband when I even know that none of this is his fault; losing my patience; all these things that we, the caregivers, experience everyday. But, someday, I hope the dream and hope for help will come for all of you out there who are doing your best everyday to take care of your patient; loved one; siblings; children.

Please keep searching for the help; the answers to your questions. Someday, someone will provide the start for you like Mike’s doctor did for me.

I know my challenge and duties are not over yet, far from it, but, at least the “ball” is rolling, and that’s the start to a good thing, and, hopefully will someday be the same for you! God Bless You All!