When I was growing up as a youngster, I remember the great times we had when my grandmother moved in with us after our grandfather passed away. Every morning, my grandma would make us breakfast which consisted of 2 soft-boiled eggs and toast and we would all sit around and have breakfast together. Now, years later, it is my 90-year-old mother who needs assistance and I truly believe that one of the sole reasons why my mom still drives and holds down two full-time part-time jobs (one as a librarian and the other as a teacher) is because of the support and love that my sister who is her main caregiver and other family members that help give my mom the inspiration to live-on with such a passion and zest for love…

I have been invited to join The Caregiver Space by Adrienne and her wonderful staff to provide helpful information and insight to help make all caregivers around the world more valuable by making better lifestyle choices and ways to become more fit, healthier and happier. Not only will it make your day-to-day chores and jobs easier to tackle, it will also spill-over to the loved ones you’re caring for and it will open new doors and horizons for all that come to The Caregiver Space for help, guidance, advice and caregiver support.

The more you can do for yourself, the more you can give to any loved ones who you are giving your unconditional love to on a steady basis.

The will and drive to live-on, despite any medical, physical or mental constraints that are present can overcome any barriers that seem to stand in the way and the stronger you will become both mentally and physically… as you will learn how to become and stay fit – which is the key to living a productive life and avoiding caregiver burnout

Looking forward to a long and fruitful journey together…

Edward Jackowski, Ph.D.

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About Edward Jackowski

In 1985, Edward Jackowski founded Exude Fitness and changed the way we look at exercise. To date, Edward is the author of seven books on general fitness, motivation, weight loss and golf and has helped create, direct and produce 10 fitness videos/DVD’s and motivational CD’s.