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    What apps are out there to help caregivers? A couple of us help out with an ill neighbor who doesn’t have any family of her own. With so many cooks in the kitchen, it can be really confusing to coordinate everything and make sure someone is picking up groceries, taking her to the doctor, and we all need to know her medical history and medication schedule in case something happens.

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    Theresa Loder

    That’s a very good question .. I have been taking care of my hubby since 2007 after a stoke and many other health issues.

    On my iPhone I use an app called “notes”

    It’s very easy to use and I put almost everything on it.. Then erase as I need to.
    But I am sure there must be other apps out there that are more detailed..

    There is also one called “reminders”

    I don’t use that as often

    Not sure if these came with the iPhone 5s or my son set them up.. I am seventy so I opt for the easiest to keep up with..

    I also have all Meds listed in “notes” but it’s still great to have paper copy with you..

    My hubby goes to ER a few times a year and when fire rescue comes , they love that I have a copy of his Meds and all insurance information and doctors as well as what pharmacy we use .. Also include any allergies the person may have .. So I can just give them a copy and I get it back when I’m in the ER…make sure it stays current..
    Also name and physical address , phone number, etc..

    The “notes ” app is nice because in the grocery store I can just go down the list and erase what I buy as I put in basket..

    Just give it heading “Groceries” and you can leave that on the note.. Also leave items you get regularly..

    Hope this helps
    Take care

    Some people put a list of Meds etc in a plastic medicine bottle and put on door inside fridge marked clearly in red on outside.. For emergency .. Years ago the fire rescue knew to look for that in the fridge.. Don’t know if that is still the case but good idea.. Makes it quicker to get someone on to hospital for help..

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    Cori Carl

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    Cori Carl
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    There’s one called care zone on my iPhone that will allow me to scan meds into a med list and has other neat features. I have to keep a diabetic log and seizure log etc. so when I’m talking to my husbands drs I can go into the app and pull out info.

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    Does anyone know a good app to find the best medication prices? Or prices for medical supplies? That would be a huge help.

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    Joanne HD Care

    I found a free resource that multiple people can use to keep track and signup for various tasks Lots A Helping Hands . May God bless you for the care and support your give.

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