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    Dee L.

    I recently care for an elderly lady in assisted living. She was very combative and didn’t want any help during my shift. I was patient and kind, but she clearly did not feel comfortable with a new person, as she had been with 2 of the previous caregivers stated in her log book. The on call Dr gave her additional anti-anxiety med and she was more calm however waking up and trying to go to her bathroom, i tried to help because she was very weak, she fought me and threatened and i stood by still making sure she did not fall. When I contacted my boss to ask for advice or assistance and made it clear I was not feeling comfortable myself with this type of patient, and although she had had extra med to calm her, she got up to use the bathroom about 4 times in 3 hours. My boss came and I expressed to her that i was afraid in her continuing to fight me, and us that i could not continue my shift as i was very worried she would still fall or suffer a skin tear and I have experienced this in the past. Fortunately most of my current clients are not like this, but i know many are. My dilemma was that my boss came to offer assistance but only until the on call nurse had administered the anti-anxiety med and then she basically left and told me to call her if i had any further issues. I felt as if she should have called in someone better equipped mentally and physically to continue this shift. She did not and then when my shift ended, the person scheduled to relieve me did not show. I was then told i was required by law to stay up to 2 hours after i notified them of the No show, for them to find relief. I never heard of this and had other scheduled business to attend, And felt like my concerns were not valued. My boss came and relieved me 30 minutes after my call, and then continued to make me feel guilty because She had no one to relieve me. I’m sorry but after the night i had, and i did stay until she arrived, I feel as if this situation was handled very unprofessionally and would appreciate any feedback on how this could have been handled better. I do not mind the way some patients are disgruntled and mad, they are ill, and afraid but i feel that a patient with a history of mental illness should be cared for by an experienced mental health caregiver? Through the course of this shift there was a great deal of integrity involved in maintaining composure, so I felt my concerns were heard but not well responded to. appreciate the feedback..

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    Wow that seems like a stressful night. Sorry you had to go through that. My first thought would be that if do not feel comfortable with the patient that your boss should have giving you a different patient for the night or he directly should be working with that patient. Safety should always come first. I also believe that if you have mental ill patient they need to be treated by an experienced mental caregiver. I feel like your boss was in the wrong. Could you maybe get a hold of his supervisor and talk to them about your situation?

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    I was recently in a similar situation. How did this turn out for you? Has it happened again? Maybe my boss is in the wrong, but it’s still up to her to do something about it! I feel like if I go over her head I’ll just end up getting fired. 🙁

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    That seems like a really hard situation to be in. I do hate how my time is never valued. My clients and my coworkers can be late, but I have to stay, no matter what. Even if that means I’m not there for my kids at home or my own mother. Only people with money deserve care, I guess.

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