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    jerry morhart

    People think Canada has free healthcare, but I’m still broke because of it. My wife has been disabled and out of work for a decade now. I was laid off six months ago and it just seems like I’m never going to find anything again. Not even a bite on any of the applications I send out.

    I was already behind on our mortgage when I was laid off, now I’m in big trouble. It’s good to be home to make things easier on my wife, but I really need to find somehting ASAP to pay the bills before we lose the house. I just don’t know what to do.

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    That’s a really tough situation to be in.

    Have you let your bank know what’s going on? Sometimes they’ll work with you. Talk to them ASAP, since they may be able to sell your home with as little as 30 days notice.

    Reaching out to local charities can help. You never know who’s able to pull some strings and help you find a job when it really matters, too.

    And, worst case scenario, you’re going to want to see what your housing options are if you aren’t able to catch up with the mortgage.

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