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    My husband is in the hospital and is very unhappy about it. He recently had surgery to remove a tumor and is now having bad reactions to his radiation and medications, so he really needs to be there. I can provide 24/7 care (as much as any single person can), but I can’t do anything if he’s having a medical emergency, so he really needs to be in a place where there are doctors and nurses ready to respond.

    The question is, how can I make his time in the hospital as pleasant for him as possible? I’ve brought him his books, magazines, ipad, etc. I brought in the pictures he had on his desk at home. I’m there all the time to keep him company and make sure he’s getting what he needs. His friends and family are visiting, too. But he really wants to go home. I totally understand — it’s awful in the hospital — but I’m so afraid that if he comes home too soon something really bad could happen.

    My second question is, how can I make our home safe for him once he gets home? What will I need to know to help someone taking care of with radiation? Because clearly I did not know enough the first time around.

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    My suggestions would all be things you’ve already done — bring things from home, make sure he has company. Unfortunately, the hospital isn’t a place people like to be and there’s only so much you can do to make someone feel comfortable.

    I don’t have experience with radiation, but I do know that it can differ a lot from one patient to another. The best people to ask are the doctors, nurses, and social workers at the hospital. They can be hard to catch, so you have to grab them and ask questions when you can. Don’t be shy! That’s what they’re there for and as long as you appreciate their help, they’re (usually) happy to provide it.

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    Can you bring him food from home? Sometimes that makes a big difference.

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    Sarah M

    As much as we try, there’s only so much you can do to make a hospital stay comfortable. It sounds like you’re already doing everything you can.

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    Hi everyone, thank you for all of your support! My husband is (finally!!!) home from the hospital. It’s keeping me very busy, but we’re both doing much better. He’s very glad to be home and this time around I feel more confident iin my ability to take care of him.

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