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    Cori Carl

    Imagine that when you die you have to relive your entire life, but from the perspective of those who were around you at the time. What would it be like? How would you feel?

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    Isabella Leung

    I haven’t a chance to think about my answer to that question. I did read a great article I want to share; it is a letter written by a woman who was a former caregiver to her mother to her future self. She reminds herself that she wants to age differently than her mother did. For instance, she should trust her sons and doctors and not to wait to make changes until the decision is out of her hands. Worthwhile quick read!


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    Bob Harrison

    I would live my new life in the understanding that, a bad day for a caregiver, is better that the best day for, a loved one in pain.

    I would live one day at a time, making the most of each day, surrounding myself with good people, but planning for tomorrow.

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