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    My husband has been disabled for almost ten years now. Two years ago he lost kidney function. dialysis has been a chore and he does at home peritoneal dialysis now. The boxes and medical stuff is everywhere in the house. He has only gained weight since all of this. He is not eligible for a kidney transplant since he is unhealthy. He won’t try. If I make suggestions I am called a nag. If I am not sympathetic enough, I am being mean to him. Ten years is about the max for people on dialysis with his condition it may be less. So at most I think he is looking at less than eight years left. He won’t improve his quality of life to make the most of things. Our child leaves for college next year. Getting away from the stress will be good for her. He broke down last night crying about time slipping away. I know he didn’t ask for his awful disease process. could he have done a little better when he was young and only had type 1 diabetes. Yes. He also could have taken care to loose weight and eat healthy the past ten years. Being homebound stinks, but he could do many things to improve his situation. He relies on me to make him happy and take him out. I can’t save him. I wish none of this happened.

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