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    Lori Brandt

    My Dad has Alzheimer’s Disease, and now Stage II/III bladder cancer. I have been taking care of him for at least 7 years at home, but now after initial surgery for the cancer, he has become more incontinent and I’m having trouble coping, alone. I’m planning to file with the VA to see if he can get Aid and Attendance benefits, and also considering placing him in a facility. Has anyone gone to the VA directly and had success, or used a service like Center for Elder Veteran Rights? I hate to pay for something I could do myself, but they make it sound like the VA will do everything they can not to pay, and that they can do things I can’t in terms of monitoring the application and tell me how to organize his finances so that he qualifies. Any thoughts?

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    They tend to not make it easy for you, sometimes it takes months for paperwork to go through, but eventually they’ll approve it and take care of it. It’s a great service and you’ve earned it. Stick with it, it’s worth it.

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    They don’t male it easy, it might take months for paperwork to go through, but in the end is worth it. You’ve earned it. It’s a great service once it goes through.

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    Aileen Ruess
    Participant is the place to apply.

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    I think we asked at the VA, where my Dad gets all his medical care, and apparently a veteran is not a veteran in all cases. My father is not eligible for some benefits because he didn’t see combat. And he doesn’t have any service related injuries. I thought you serve your country no matter how and you all get the same benefits.

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    Rosestone Manor

    The Aide and Attendant Benefit is very beneficial:
    1. You have to have served DURING a Wartime
    2. You must have an Honorable Discharge
    3. You can call your state VA office to ASK for the forms to be sent to you for this benefit
    4. A doctor must state that the VA / OR Spouse needs a level of care that includes medical assistance , including a diagnosis that qualifies
    5. Know your Budget, income must be listed and the costs of providing support services is listed as a MEDICAL expense. (if he needs and aide then the costs of that aide is an expense)
    6. They can only go back to pay for support from the date you APPLY so DO NOT WAIT
    7. A spouse must have a Marriage Certificate proving they were married, birth certificate etc.

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      I applied for aid and attend eleven month ago and have heard only twice from the VA their still reviewing our case,my husband is 100% connected.t have taken care of him for seven year with no help at all and I don’t know how long I can do it.

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    Cori Carl
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    It seems there are some changes going on in the Veterans Administration. Hopefully the new secretary, Bob McDonald, will be able to make the VA work better. It seems to me that he truly wants to. I realize that it has a lot to do with Congregational funding, but I do think we’ll better care for our veterans in the near future.

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      Jonah Okun

      I really hope so too. Vets deserve far better care and quicker response times. Hoping for big change soon.

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    Hi Lori
    I hope I’m not too late to tell you NOT to pay someone to file for you. The VA will help you with all the paperwork. Of course an agency will tell you not to trust the VA. How else will they make money. As far as organizing your finances, I can’t imagine what they can do that you can’t do on your own. I CAN imagine them ‘helping’ you do things you don’t need to do and charging you for it. If you already have a lawyer (or get one free thru Elder Care) they can answer those type of questions. We had no assets so thats about all I can tell you about that.
    I can only tell you about our experience and I don’t know if its typical, but it was worth it. We live in WI and did this all thru the Madison VA, where my husband gets all his care for Alz. It took about 8mos from our file date to start getting monthly checks but we got back pay for those mos and it was a sizable check. Begin the process as soon as you can. They do require a lot of info, but it is most likely stuff you have, you just have to locate it. Ours is a third marriage for both of us, so we had to dig up divorce dates and then prove we were married. All public info, but it does take time to get. You will likely have to prove you are his daughter, so you will need your birth cert with his name on it.
    The amount you receive for A&A will depend on income and assets. I don’t know exactly how that works for Father/Daughter, as opposed to Spouse, but they will tell you I’m sure. For us they were very upfront about everything. Nothing sprung on us at the last minute to delay things. And they were honest about the time frame. All the things that Rosestone listed are accurate but I would add to #1 that he does not have to have been in combat or even overseas. My hubs served during the Korean War, but never left the country. He was listed as ‘combat ready’.
    The VA also has a couple of respite programs, free of charge, and will pay for day care if your Dad is able to go. The A&A will also cover all his medications, if he get them thru their pharmacy.
    I know the VA has gotten some bad press of late, but they have done right by us.
    I hope this has been helpful and again I hope I got to you before you spent money you didn’t to.
    Good luck and God Bless you both

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    Liz Imler

    we’ve got some more responses on this over at Facebook, too 🙂

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    Liz Imler

    we’ve got some more responses on this over at Facebook, too 🙂

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    Theresa Loder

    I applied for the Veterans Pension for Aid And Attendance for my mother in law..

    I went to a local Satellite VA Office..
    I included a letter from her primary physician
    I included a letter I wrote as her caregiver

    Once the application was filed and I got a file number , I kept calling constantly and she was approved within 6 months which was retroactive to the date we filed..

    Go online and read the qualifications ahead of time

    Some people get confused with the different VA Pensions

    The Aid and Attendance Pension is for a veteran or his or her spouse who is having trouble with daily things like bathing, eating , dressing, toileting, taking med, walking etc(does not have to be all of them)

    Recently I told a veteran who was in a nursing home about the pension..
    Her family didn’t know about it.. They went over to the Assisted Living Home she wanted to move to and told them about the Aid and Attendance Pension.. They accepted her that very day as payment based on the information she gave them .. Even though she had not applied yet..

    Many nursing homes and assisted living homes know about this pension .. Ask and they may be able to help you with applying..

    Everyone I have helped or told about the pension was able to get it.. So don’t give up

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    Theresa Loder

    Also go to this site for information on the Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension

    Please pass this information along..

    Another bit of information about this pension is all of this pension is not counted as income when applying for Medicaid ..

    Take care

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    The VA has and continues to change for the better. My husband served during Viet Nam but has no record of being in country. He has a 10% service connection disability but it has nothing to do with his current life threatening condition. He left the VA hospital a month ago with hospice paid 100% by the VA. He may not need it much longer as the immediate threat (an infection) is cleared, but they will pay for it again when the time comes he needs it. I’m not sure about the aid and assistance pension, but I’ve no doubt if he qualifies he will get it. Yes there is always a lot of paperwork, but it IS worth it I promise. We love the Drs and hospital here in north west Arkansas.

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    Please note that there is spousal assistance also! I would not attempt to complete the forms required myself. According to the gentleman who helped me, they will return the form for even one omission. I was fortunate that there was a VA assistance officer right at the local Senior Center. I brought all my dad’s info such as social security no. VA disability pension, discharge papers, etc. to complete a request for my 91-year-old mother. He zipped right through the ton of paperwork. We did have to wait a while for the first check to come through (end of year politics maybe?), but then received a lump-sum retroactive check.

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