What scares you?

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    Cori Carl

    What’s your biggest fear as a caregiver?

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    The Future, I’m not sure where it is headed at one stage it was very clear and very living in the moment. Where as now I feel a little lost , I have just started casual work again as a chef just to get me out of the house around humans again,it’s going ok, I don’t believe this is a long term solution though.

    I think I need to start having a deeper look inside myself and follow my truth and stand in my light,for me.

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    I am 28 years old, been engaged for almost a year, & I fear that my mother (diagnosed with Alzheimer’s & Vascular dementia) won’t be around for my wedding. The memory medical team shared that for her age & her diagnosis, her brain is shrinking abnormally. I’ve already lost my father suddenly 6 years ago. I cannot bear the thought of not having her there. I am her only daughter & youngest child. She was able to be there for my brothers’ weddings. She has those pictures to remember. I want pictures of us to remember our special mother-daughter moments.

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    Oh, boy, what don’t I fear? I’ve gone through so many challenges and crisis in my caring for my special needs son who is 25. I asked myself daily if I’m doing this right? Am I handling and caring for him correctly? Does he feel loved and respected? Fear is a constant and I’m always battling it. He has Epilepsy so the seizures themselves and the aftermath of them are frightful. I guess my biggest fear is for my own health and wellbeing Prayer helps. Places like this to find solace help.

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    Lois G

    I’ve been my husband’s caregiver for a decade. I have no help or support. My greatest fear is having to put him in some kind of care and running out of money. We worked hard all our lives. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. I fear ending up alone.

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    Terry Brennan

    That our 28 year old daughter will have to go to a group home. I can’t bear the thought, afraid she would be abused and not taken care of. Praying one of my children will take care of her.

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    I fear dying and there being no one to care for my son who is 10. He has severe Aspergers, a neurodegenerative disease and a multitude of medical challenges.
    I worry constantly.

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    Mom believes I am her aide one minute, then realizes I am her daughter the next. She is convinced this “aide” is trying to impersonate a relative and or steal from her. Now I am on eggshells. For now I change the subject when she starts talking about “CeeCee”, or asks me about her. When Mom gets in her “you’re CeeCee” mode, I don’t discuss money, and try to keep my answers short. Today Mom accused me(as the aide) of lying about living with her. Later in the day she began searching through paperwork. She is convinced missing items are stolen. (She has misplaced/moved items throughout the home, then can’t find them.) I keep my house keys in my pocket and my phone near me at all times in case she tries to lock me out.

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    I fear most the healthcare system in Canada will somehow make my mom with dementia euthanized or give her assisted dying without my consent, because she in her pain, will sometimes day she wishes to die. I know she doesn’t mean this as she tells me so on her days of clarity. With “free” healthcare, I don’t trust the system that wants to save costs on the elderly and disabled.

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