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    Adrienne Gruberg

    You’ve found the spot at The Caregiver Space where you can get answers, express yourself and learn you’re far from alone — you’ve found The Forums. Simply tell us a little bit about yourself, the person you’re caring for, some of the challenges you face or just let yourself go and use this venue to let off some steam — a Forum is the place to do it.
    The way to get the most out of a Forum — makes it a valuable resource — is to actually use it. Read what other caregivers are saying — in fact, read what they’re saying in Forums you think you can’t relate to. You’ll see just how much you have in common with other people on our site. And please comment. The more you have to say, the better. After all, a lot of Forum writing is from people asking for advice and information.
    The only thing we ask of you, other than writing, reading and responding to posts, is to make your comments constructive and not critical. Caregiving is a tough enough job—please don’t add insult to injury.

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    Cori Carl

    Thanks, Adrienne!

    We’ve got a lively discussion on Facebook, but it’s great to see things happening in a more private space. We’re not tech savvy enough to send notifications to your friends and family about your every move. 🙂

    I’m Cori, and I (try to) keep our website up and running, along with finding you answers in the Caregiver’s Toolbox and making sure you have a place to be heard in Caregiver Stories. If you don’t see yourself represented here, send me what you want to say. We’re always looking for new authors.

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    Cori Carl

    The old introduction thread has gotten a bit unwieldy, so let’s move introductions over here.

    Our community is growing every day! If you’re new to The Caregiver Space, please take a moment to introduce yourself here.

    If you’re already part of the community, please join us in welcoming people.

    We’re here to create a safe space to support each other.

    You can see the old thread here: https://thecaregiverspace.org/forums/topic/welcome-introduce-yourself-here/

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    Bob Harrison

    Hi, I’m Bob. A Caregiver Ambassador

    If you need someone to talk to in a private setting, you can always contact me. I’d love to hear from you.

    If you’re grieving, “let me help you. Not because I have some sort of degree, or I have the brightest light bulb on the block–I’ve been there, not so long ago I lost my Annie. I know the pain and torment of grief and its good friend loneliness, and the havoc they can bring to ones life–let me help you”

    Care giving for a loved one–“let me help you with that too. Anything that could go wrong while care giving for Annie, usually did. So I have a great deal of knowledge and some tips on care giving for you, that might help a special friend or loved one–let me help you.”

    If you’re dealing with the impending loss of a loved one, Anticipatory Grief–“let me help you. I was in anticipatory grief for 30 months and know how it works. Always assume the person that’s ill is, probably grieving too–let me help you”

    Always remember, the worst day in a caregivers life is probably better than the best day in a terminally ill loved ones life. Love them.

    “You are not alone.”


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    Barb Hilmer

    This is hard. Don’t know where to start. I’m of average health. My fiance is 20 yrs my senior. Been together 15yrs. When we began I didn’t think about the distant future. Now as each month passes I’m beginning to be afraid. He is retired and does nothing to keep active. Even stopped riding his beloved Harley. Sits in chair staring at the t.v from the time he rises till going to sleep. Help

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