Finally laying down to sleep, we are beyond exhausted.

Today, we didn’t eat much, and when we did, it was whatever we could get our hands on fastest. We meant to spend an hour at the gym but there wasn’t enough time.

Even when that hour finally came, that window of time just for ourselves, where we had planned a variety of activities, we sat in front of the T.V. and didn’t move until we’re dragged back to reality.

As our head sinks into the pillow we fear that tomorrow will be the exact same. Negative thoughts concerning failure, fear, and anxiety creep into our head. But then we make a firm resolve: we will not wake up tomorrow with this harmful record playing in our heads. We will open our eyes to a new day and a fresh start.

We will have recognized and accepted the mistakes of yesterday; we will attempt to take better actions, to make better choices for ourselves and our loved ones; but we will remember that we are only human, that we might trip up. We will likely make mistakes. And when we do we will forgive ourselves.

We will forgive ourselves by finding the courage to make tomorrow a new day and allow for the possibilities of new outcomes.

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