So many of us have grandparents who have already passed. We each find different ways to honor their memories.

What traditions does your family have to remember your grandparents?

My grandparents were so in love. They married at 18 and were together for the rest of their lives. They’ve been gone for six years now, but my whole family still gets together every year to toast their anniversary. They’re the reason we’re all here and they were such an incredible example for all of us. – Nicole R.

I light a candle at church for my grandmother every week. – Michael D.

Before my grandfather passed I sat down and did an oral history with him. We spent weeks on it, sitting around the kitchen table talking. I learned so much about him. I edited it and we had books printed for our whole family. My sister went through all the family albums, scanned and labelled the best photos, and added them into the stories. The books are lovely. But the thing I cherish the most is the tapes. Listening to his voice is like having him here with me again. – Doris W.

We talk about our grandparents all the time. It’s like they’re still here with us. They were such warm people. They made us who we are. – Barbara D.

My grandparents died before my kids were born, but I always give them presents “from their grandparents” on their birthdays and Christmas. Each year I have them make their grandparents birthday cards and I tell them stories about them. – Deanna J.

My grandfather was a hero in WWII. When I was in high school I made a children’s book about him. Now I read it to my son as a bedtime story. – Bernadette G.

I sleep with a quilt my grandmother made me before I was born. It means she’s always here with me. – Annie K.

Every recipe I make is from my grandmother’s cookbook. – Susan E.

I found the letters my grandparents wrote to each other while they were dating. Sometimes I’ll sit with a cup of tea and read them. – Jennifer P.

My grandparents loved animals. I volunteer at an animal shelter in their honor. – Mara H.

We have a mass in honor of my grandparents each year for their birthdays. – David R.

My family has vacationed at the same spot on Fripp Island every year. My grandparents went there on their honeymoon and loved it. Now it’s tradition. – Vita J.

Every time I go fishing with my son and his cousins, I think of my grandfather. He’s the one who always took me fishing and it was what brought us together. – George M.