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    S James

    My mom hasn’t been diagnosed with dementia, but I suspect she has some form of it or something causing similar problems.

    I’ve been helping her with her bills for the past few months, after I came over for a visit and found her in the dark because her electric had been cut off. She’d been mailing “donations” to all sorts of fake charities, not paying her bills, and generally was unfit to manage on her own anymore.

    She refuses to go to the doctor, since she says there’s nothing wrong with her. There’s no way she’d ever agree to giving me POA or adding me to her accounts.

    She’s been telling the neighbors that I’m stealing money from her and bossing her around. One neighbor, who I’ve known since I was a little kid, let me know after I mentioned that I’d been getting weird looks from some of the new folks.

    I can’t just leave her to end up in trouble on her own, I can’t afford to simply pay her bills with my own money (and she has the money for the basics from a pension), but there’s no way I’ll be able to get her to let me do things through the proper channels. What do I do? Am I putting myself at risk? I certainly don’t want to end up with a record for having helped my mother with her bill keeping!

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    I would suggest contacted a geriatric care manager. You need a third person who can be the middle man and help you to help her.

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    You need to contact Adult Protective Services.

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