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My dad is driving me crazy

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    Julie R

    I had to hire a home health aide for my dad, because I can’t afford to quit my job. He just needs someone there with him during the day while I’m at work. He doesn’t need constant care, he’s still doing pretty well, but he can’t be alone.

    He makes like hell for every home health aide I hire. And then he fires them.

    What can I do?

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    Donna Thomson

    Ugh, this sounds terrible. Does your Dad have multiple rooms? Is it possible to put a TV monitor of some sort in the room where your Dad is and have the helper in another room monitoring and only going to see your Dad when he needs help? We had a similar problem with my Mom because she hated feeling watched all the time and the helpers drove her crazy talking to her. She made a sign on a popsicle stick that she held up saying “SHHHH” (She wanted to write Shutup but I suggested that Shhh was more polite). She fired nearly everyone we hired until finally we found one who she eventually kept. Actually Mom did her fire her favourite helper regularly, but the helper just didn’t take any notice because my sister and I said that Mom’s temper wasn’t reliable. She was never fired because we took that responsibility away from Mom – that said we did fire a few who just weren’t good fits.

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