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Professional caregivers introduce yourself here

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    Cori Carl

    Professional caregivers are so often left out of the conversation about caregiving! This is a place for you to talk about the struggles of caregiving — both emotional and practical. Welcome!

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    I am a long time caregiver for elderly and mentally ill adults and Yes we are Not paid fairly and treated like Dirt by the person we caregive for…Their Families And Our Employers.
    I am in My LAST Year of caregiving Thank God after 25 years…my child graduates from college in three months and I have done this as it is steady work with Crappy pay so I work Minimum 70 hours a week to make a Normal Paycheck. In 25 years I have had Two persons I caregived for and their families that were Decent to me and showed Appreciation for my Always being available and could count on me. ALL the rest were Uncaring Unappreciative and the Children/50 Year Old and Up “Brats” were the WORST!! Never around unless they were trying to suck up and get mom and dad to leave them Everything to cheat their sibilings out of everything they could…come in out of no where and redo everything making their parents lives Worse…Complain and Belittle you Every chance they get to make themselves feel supirior and important…they literally make me Puke. Ive Only stuck it out this long as I am a single parent and have paid for my childs college as well. I Cant Wait to kiss this Discusting Thankless Abusive Mentally and Physically and Low Paying job GOOD BYE ASAP! I dont understand people/creatures who think treating the ONLY Person who they and their jerky discusting family member can Count On to do what They Themselves Wouldnt do like trash and they think thats going to make the Overworked Overstreased caregiver want to be there or do their best?? I’m at my very last drop of compassion for these people…I used to be a loving caring hard working person. Now I go in and do my job and make My Life easier doing the bare minimum as I make $9 an hour while the company makes $19 and noone appreciates you anyway. Took me 24 years and 6 months to figure that out because at heart i AM a good person and take pride in my work but Im Burnt Out and my child was the one who could see what this has done to me and told me to stop over doing cause they dont care about me so why should I kill myself for them. Ive Donated a Lot of Time to helping these people and their familiea and all i Ever get back in return is jerky RACIST behavior from the elderly AND Their A**hole Families.
    I don’t know what this nation is going to do cause there are Not enough caregivers and the population in need Grows Every Year…Baby Boomers…Anyone I ever meet that considers going into caregiving I tell them TO RUN!!! It diea Nothing but make you older beyond your years and Poorer then when you began. Caregivers have No Benefits…No Raises in Most Cases…No Paid Vacation or Retirement Benefits. So for ALL You People out there that Have a Caregiver or One day Will BE NICE TO THEM. EVEN A FREAKIN THANK YOU GOES A LONG WAY…its not much to expect to be treated with Decensy…the same decensy you want for your loved one Right?!?
    I wrote this to get the information out to help show the Caregivers point of view…Yes Family members who are caregivers have it rough…but people act like Hired Caregivers have no feelings and are just ribots to put up with not only the Mental and Emotional BAD Behaviors of the patient but their stupid family Too that the caregiver isnt even paid to take the families Crap but they do cause they need the paycheck. You people who act this way are Pathetic pieces of crap. My comment has nothing to do with this persons post and is not directed to them personally…I am just trying to share with others that being a paid caregiver is Just as Hard if Not Harder as at least the family member caregiver can Say something about others envoled. Paid caregivers are Really Slaves and have to go along with pretty much Everything do to needing the income to provide for their own family. Its Sad and doesnt help your loved one get the best care possible when the caregiver is treated badly by Everyone.

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    Shawn Garrison

    Wow! I had no idea that not all caregivers have it as good as I apparently do! Paid training, testing and certification, paid time off etc., and tax exempt wages. I’m an HCA and an Independent Provider. No agency get’s any of what I earn. Granted, it’s not always an easy job but I’ve had worse! I guess I should count my blessings!

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