Caregiving isn’t just a family thing, it’s everything we do to help people with disabilities thrive in the world. Here’s a great case study on how one business creates an environment that helps employees with autism do their best work.

Each year, upwards of 50,000 teens with Autism graduate from high school or age out of school-supported services. Nearly half of 25-year-olds with Autism have never held a paying job. These, and more insights have been researched by support organization Autism Speaks on the journey to understanding how to include and advocate for all members of society.

That journey has been significantly helped along by Spectrum Designs, a thriving t-shirt company and foundation that helps each and every team member profit from their unique approach to business creating awesome apparel for hundreds of companies from tech giants Facebook and Google to large-scale organizations KPMG and New York’s Metro-North Railroad (even retail Instagram phenomenon Betches).

Dave Thompson is the Director of Workforce Development for the partnering support organization, Nicholas Center, and creator of the organization’s unique approach to running an inclusive team that logged over 20,000 hours of productivity in 2015 and is growing rapidly.

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