Are you thinking about becoming a professional caregiver? If so, I will provide you with the steps I took to become a professional caregiver. Since my experience does not reflect what all home care agencies expect, I will also discuss steps outside of my experience.

Here is what I had to do

  • Signed up for training (the training was free)
  • Attended an orientation
  • During the orientation I was given a competency exam.
  • Went to a short interview that was no longer than 30 mins. The interviewer asked me for my resume and why I wanted to work for the agency.
  • Within two weeks, I attended the first day of training. The training was a month long.
  • Throughout the training, I was quizzed at the end of each week based on the lesson plans. The lessons were based on health, nutrient, diseases, mental illnesses, disabilities, medications, medical terminology, and safety.
  • In the middle of the training I was told to get a physical exam and a random drug test.
  • I also had to perform hands on exams such as hand- washing, bed baths, bed- making, dressing, transferring patients, and taking vital signs.
  •  At last, in order to earn my home health aide and personal care certificate I had to accomplish one more step. I participated in a adult daycare facility, where I was assigned to one patient from the hours of 9-5pm. I interacted with the patient, engaged in activities, and assisted my patient in the restroom. It was also my job to feed my patient breakfast and lunch.

There you have it, as the training came to an end I was so excited to start. I was sent to a client’s home within one week after the training.

Now I will be providing you with a list of steps that other home care agencies might require.

  • Typically a high school diploma or experience is not required but depending on the state you live in requirements varies. Be sure to get information on that before applying for a professional caregiver position.
  • You can apply online and once you receive a phone call, you’ll bet set for an interview
  • Training is mandatory ( some agencies may charge)
  • Training may be similar to my experience
  • Some states require at least 75 hours for training
  • A certificate is given at the end of the training

Good luck!