Well I’ll have to say I’m guilty ..

I put my hubby first when he had a stroke and heart attack, open heart surgery, vascular surgery and gall bladder surgery that went bad, and amputation and many other health issues .. over a ten year period ..

It would take a book to explain the moment to moment issues .. life doesn’t always allow us to choose to be first

But I made it through and I’m in good health .. hubby passed away last October .. before that I took care of my mom and dad and hubby’s mom ..

It’s always great to try and take care of yourself but sometimes in life we have to just stay awake all night with a sick loved one or sleep in a hospital chair for days weeks and months sometimes , grab something to eat on the run and at strange hours , cry ourselves to sleep , be an advocate for someone who can’t be one for theirselves ,
You really aren’t aware of how much time goes by ..

You become much stronger than you ever thought possible , more compassionate , have more empathy and you are changed forever by the experience ..

I would do it all again and I miss my hubby terribly ..

That’s just my personal experience though..
we had a great life being married 57 years ..

If I Could

If I could
Click my heels together
And make your dreams come true
It would happen in a heartbeat
Everything would be brand new

A Hundred Thousand Rainbows
Color falling rain
Wash away your sorrows
Wash away your pain

No more tear drops
On your pillow
No more loneliness inside
Just a hundred thousand rainbows
On their colors you would ride

Theresa Marie Loder

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