I lost my husband on October 3rd 2017, after many health issues since 2007… Stroke, heart attack, open heart surgery and many others.

I am so glad I made a difference knowing I gave it all I had…
We loved, laughed, and made some great memories through it all…
He was able to see his grandkids grow and they were able to know their grandpa…
We were all together at the end…
I feel calm and at peace knowing this…
God Bless all caregivers

If I could
Hold your hand just one more time
Hear you laugh and call me cutie

Feel the warmth
Of your breath on my cheek
When you kissed me

If I could
I would just one more time

If I could hear you speak
Just anything would do
But I had to let you go
Can’t help missing you

By Teresa Marie Loder, originally posted on Facebook.

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