Prospective makes all the difference, it’s not what you look at; it’s what you see – Steve Maraboli

In this week’s video segment, join Adrienne as she encourages you to explore all the different identities that define who you are. In choosing to shift the perspective on how we see ourselves, and our world we often gain a refreshing, novel and clarifying grasp on what’s real and true in our own lives.

Watch as she shares favorite quotes, stories and exercises that invite all caregivers to consider a different point of view. Using writing as a medium to explore these different pieces of ourselves help us appreciate who we are and hopefully inspire us to continue to look deeper.

About Adrienne Gruberg

Adrienne Gruberg is a former family caregiver and founder of The Caregiver Space. After six years of caring for her late husband and mother-in-law she conceived of an online support space all caregivers could come to. Adrienne holds a BFA from Boston University. She founded AYA Creative in 1982, an award winning graphic design, marketing and advertising company. Her design training has helped shape the website and her personal and professional experience continues to inform and influence the caregiver centric support experience she has created at The Caregiver Space.